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IT spending worldwide will increase 3.8% in 2013 to reach $3.7-trillion, says Gartner, and that excitement for big data is leading the way. By 2015, the analyst and market research firm says 4.4-million jobs will be created to support big data. 
And beyond big data the demand for IT employees keeps growing as well. According to Robert Half Technology, the pool of available talent continues to shrink, driving average salaries up as much as 9% from 2012.
What does this mean for you or us as South Africans in learning? Certifications show verification of knowledge and expertise. The need for specialised IT knowledge has risen over the past few years with rapid advances in technology, resulting in a shortage of professionals qualified to fill positions requiring specialised skills sets.
Degrees show an individual’s topical education level, but do not dig deeply enough into real world, practical skills and knowledge to show how a potential employee would deal with a particular technology issue or problem.
For this reason, incorporating performance-based testing into an existing multiple choice exam and practical learning is an effective complement. Claim your knowledge of a given field and hold up a certification as proof. Clients and employers alike are prone to feel more confident with the IT certification and expertise received if they feel that the person helping them has the right abilities to get the job done correctly.
CTU Training Solutions offer various IT skills training and development that in essence will assist in bridging the skills gap in South Africa. Some of these solutions include:
* Registered Learnerships;
* Part-time and short courses;
* Skills Development Programmes;
* National Footprint for medium-large training interventions;
* Saturday Classes –starting May 2013;
* Full-time one- to two-year IT and design programmes;
* Recognition of Prior Learning;
* Workplace Skills Plan assistance; and
* Human Resource Development in IT solutions.
Whether users are IT professionals or new to the field, CTU has a training solution for them.

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CTU Training Solutions was established in 1987 and has been specialising in skills training across various fields in the IT industry ever since. CTU Training Solutions consists of three divisions: Corporate dedicated to Corporate and Human Resource Development Training Solutions, the Career division specialising in part time training and one to two year training programmes for school leavers or career changers, and the Recruits division specialising in the placement of our IT graduates. CTU Training Solutions has a proud record of developing thousands of ICT Professionals through the Corporate and Career divisions. We introduced CTU Recruits in 2011 to enhance our service levels and provide total HRD solutions to companies.

CTU is unique in its approach to the development of ICT professionals by its commitment to international certification. By placing great value on certification we ensure that the industry requirements for skills development are met every time! We marry this approach with national qualifications and outstanding ICT professionals, developing South Africa’s ICT sector. Through CTU Recruits and our Corporate division, it is our mission to bring ICT professionals and companies together.

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